S•O•S℠ Services Program

Reduce maintenance costs

Cat® S.O.SSM Services provide information to help you make maintenance decisions, reduce owning and operating costs, and maximize component life. This is a quick and easy program to help your equipment remain productive, and maximize the value of your investment. Information you can use—with the support of UAB Avesco.

Oil Analysis
The S·O·S oil analysis tests have been developed by Caterpillar engineers and chemists. Tests such as Elemental Analysis, Oil Cleanliness Analysis, and Oil Condition Analysis are examples of the standard tests offered in the S·O·S program.

Coolant Analysis
Inadequate cooling system maintenance can eventually lead to system problems or even engine failure. S·O·S Services offer a two-level Coolant Program to determine if your coolant has the right chemical balance for maximum system protection and cooling efficiency.