Avesco – the new official CATERPILLAR® dealer in Latvia

Avesco Switzerland

Starting with October 1, 2016, Avesco AG has become the official representative of the manufacturer of construction machinery Caterpillar Inc. , the manufacturer of crushing and screening equipment Metso Minerals Inc., and the manufacturer of construction technologies SITECH, in Baltic countries. The new official representative of Caterpillar®, Metso and SITECH products and services in Latvia is Avesco SIA.

Since the year 1999, the leading manufacturer of construction machinery, Caterpillar Inc., has been represented in Latvia by Witraktor SIA – a daughter company of the Finish Wihuri Oy Witraktor. In order to continue holding and further strengthen business, Wihuri Oy Technical Trade, Caterpillar Division, will focus all efforts on Finland for both sales and services of its products.

Avesco has taken over Wihuri Oy Caterpillar operations in Baltic countries and will be your new official Caterpillar® service partner and provider for all business areas in Latvia effective October 1, 2016. Avesco SIA will integrate as well the Metso and SITECH product line into the new organization.

Avesco is proud of its highly professional team of sales, service and support specialists, which are located all over Latvia. Avesco SIA has taken over all existing employees of Witraktor SIA. Our target for the coming years is to enhance coverage and customer service to further improve the performance of your Caterpillar® equipment and make your business more profitable as a result. Avesco SIA will of course honor all existing customer service and support contracts.

Avesco, based in Langenthal, Switzerland has been the Swiss Caterpillar® dealer for over 85 years. Owners and Dealership Principals, Christoph Ammann and Daniela Aeschlimann-Schneider are 5th and 6th family members and assure professional management of the team to guarantee continuity of family tradition and values.


Avesco AG employs approximately 600 employees in its Swiss Caterpillar® dealership. The Company stands for long-term tradition and continuity, permanent improvement and enthusiastic, dynamic innovative strength.


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Information Letter (PDF) About Avesco (PDF)