Registration is over

Dear all, thanks for your registration!

Please fallow us on Facebook and here on webpage. The list of participiants will be published until 21th of August.

According to the Regulation of Baltic Operator challenge, the registration form is in English. The Regulation you can download  here

For more information in your language please click on link below:

For more information don't hesitate to contact:

  • Latvia: Zane Zolmane, Mārketinga vadītāja +371 29197909 (LV, ENG, DE, RU) 
  • Estonia: Kadri Ahu, Turundusspetsialist ,Tel. +372 5092625 (EST, ENG)
  • Lithuania: Nomeda Rupšytė, Marketingo komunikacijos vadybininkė Tel. + 370 6 1137996 (LT, ENG)