Spare parts

CAT spare parts and maintenance materials

We provide all Caterpillar machines and Cat power systems with original Caterpillar spare parts and maintenance materials of supreme quality, no matter how old your Cat machine or engine is, where it was built and where have you purchased it.

Maintenance materials, such as filters, oils, belts and other, are mostly available straight  from our  main stock in Marupe ("Ziedu Gravas"), as well as the most frequently used spare parts.

In case the necessary spare part or maintenance material is not available at our local stock, we order it for you from the central Caterpillar spare parts stock in Grimbergen (Belgium). The usual delivery time from the date of your order is  24 hours up to 1 week, depending on the accessibility of the specified spare part.

You may choose to receive the ordered spare parts and maintenance materials by picking them up yourself at our office in Marupe, or we can forward them to one of our sub-stocks in our company branches - in Rēzekne, Valmiera or Ventspils. Upon your request, the ordered spare parts and maintenance materials can also  be delivered to any address specified by you - be it your office, your workshop, quarry, factory or other jobsite. In the case of delivery to a specified address, transport costs will be added to the invoice.

All original Caterpillar spare parts have standard Caterpillar warranty. 

Quality counts!
For your Cat machine Caterpillar recommends to use original Cat spare parts and maintenance materials. 

But why is it so important to use the original materials? For example, you might ask - what is so special about Cat filters? All filters with similar purpose do look more-less the same.. Indeed, from the outside they do.

Filters might look the same, but not all filters ARE the same.

Caterpillar goal with manufacturing filters is - to see that Cat engine, fuel system and power train component systems are protected as well on the day before an oil change as they are the day after.That is why Cat filters offer a number of quality features that other filters don't.

To get acquainted with the quality features of Cat fuel, oil and power train filters, please, study the material below, or ask our Spare parts department!


Filter Order LV

Filter Order LV