Customer support agreements

The most effective way for a perfect technical condition


Every piece of Cat equipment is designed and built to provide maximum productivity and operating economy throughout its working life. UAB Avesco can help you maintain that built-in value through a Customer Support Agreement (CSA).

What is a Customer Support Agreement?

A CSA is any arrangement between you and your Cat dealer that helps you lower your cost per unit of production. Agreements are tailored to fit your business needs and can range from simple Preventive Maintenance Kits to sophisticated Total Cost Performance Guarantees. No matter which option you choose, you can be assured that your Cat dealer will provide you with careful planning and ongoing attention that will help you succeed.

When you have a CSA with UAB Avesco, you have more time to do what you do best -- run your business. Our trained technicians assist you by maintaining your equipment and driving down operating costs. In the end, everyone's goal is the same: helping you get more work done at a lower cost.

Perhaps the most important feature of any CSA is flexibility.

There are no pre-set requirements or specific products and services that you must agree to buy. In every case and with every piece of equipment, a CSA is an individualized plan. Depending on your needs, your costs can be a flat rate monthly fee or some other arrangement based on actual production hours. Your agreement may include as few or as many pieces of equipment as you wish. You can cover individual systems, single pieces of equipment, or entire fleets. We will work with you to determine the best strategies to maximize productivity and minimize costs for both your Cat and non-Cat equipment.

Customer Support Agreements are not just for large pieces of equipment, and they are not just for new equipment either. The need to get more work done at a lower cost is the same, regardless of age or application.